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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are a remote firm, meaning we are completely paperless and do not have a brick-
and-mortar office. All of our meetings are conducted through Zoom video meetings + screen share if you require training sessions. Just because we are remote doesn’t mean we
aren’t hands on with your finances! Keeping everything organized with QuickBooks Online
and a myriad of integrations allows us to have higher productivity, better accuracy, and a
faster turn-around time for your projects.

We are a full remote firm and we meet via video screenshare
meetings. We do not offer ongoing in person meetings. Monthly clients have access to a one hour monthly meeting per month.

How long your project takes depends on the size of your project, how many accounts you
use for business, the state of your current bookkeeping, how promptly you respond to our
communications, among many other factors. It is best to discuss this with us during your intake meeting to determine if we can meet your needs.

As a monthly client, we send out weekly or monthly questions depending on your books. We will also update you with any relevant news that affects your books.

Email is always the best way to reach us. You can email us at info@booksinharmony.com with your inquiry, and we will get in touch with you during regular business hours.

The best thing you can do is to respond promptly to our emails and weekly questions. In order to complete your  bookkeeping on time, we will need to ask you details regardingt your finances, spending habits, and expenses so we can organize and sort everything correctly. Maintaining open and prompt communication with us helps us complete your work.

As of January 2020, we no longer offer bookkeeping training. We recommend you work with us for a quarter of a year and see if the engagement is working out for you. If you feel confident to maintain your books in a timely manner, we can recommend someone to help train you to take over your books.